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Multi-Touch 3D Architecture Application at CeBIT 2008

January 23rd, 2010

IGD’s multi-touch table application for visualization of 3D architectural models presented at CeBIT 2008. It features several scalable architectural 2D plans. Multiple users can move and zoom these plans like you know it from other multi-touch applications.

But the key feature is the tile with a high quality 3D view of the building. We implemented the multi-touch 3D camera gestures we introduced last year: You are grabbing a plan with the left hand. One finger of right hand moves the camera through the 3D model. The second finger defines the orientation of the camera. This enables incredible cinematic camera movements in 3D. When the second finger points on a certain object on the plan and the first finger moves around it the 3D camera moves around that object while keeping it on focus.

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